In addition to military operations, the United States conducts a number of regular training exercises in Africa.  These exercises have various objectives.  These include building partner nation capabilities broadly, providing specialized training, promoting regional and continental cooperation and cooperation with US forces, preparing African forces for peacekeeping deployments, and training to respond to natural disasters.  The following table is broken into active named training exercises (or those believed to be active) and exercises that are believed to have been discontinued (or were possibly one time events). Currently, AFRICOM’s annual exercise schedule is dominated by the “Accord” series, dealing with improving partner nation land force capabilities and interoperability, and the “Express” series, dealing with the same, but with regards to maritime forces.

Active Exercises
Name Type Frequency Locale
Africa Endeavor COMMEX Annual West Africa
African Lion CPX / FTX Annual Morocco
Central Accord FTX Annual Various
Cutlass Express FTX Annual East Africa Littorals
Eastern Accord CPX Annual East Africa
Eastern Piper FTX Annual Various
Epic Guardian CPX / FTX Annual Various
Flintlock FTX Annual Various
Judicious Response CPX Annual Various
Majestic Eagle FTX Biennial? Morocco
Med Accord Central MEDEX Annual Central Africa
Med Accord South MEDEX Annual Southern Africa
MEDLITE MEDEX Annual Various
Natural Fire HAX Biennial East Africa
Nectar Bend FTX Biennial Ethiopia
Noble Piper FTX Annual Kenya
Northern Accord CPX Annual North Africa
Obangame Express FTX Annual Gulf of Guinea
Phoenix Express FTX Annual North Africa Littorals (Mediterranean)
Saharan Express FTX Annual North Africa Littorals (Atlantic)
Silent Warrior FTX Annual Sahel Region of Africa
Southern Accord FTX Annual Southern Africa
Southern Warrior FTX Annual Southern Africa
Western Accord CPX Annual Western Africa
Past Exercises
Name Type Frequency Locale
African Eagle FTX Biennial Morocco
Atlas Accord FTX Annual Various
Atlas Drop FTX Annual Various
Atlas Gate CPX ? Tunisia
Atlas Hinge PHIBEX Annual Tunisia
Ebony Flame FTX ? Djibouti?
Edged Mallet FTX Triennial Kenya?
Edged Response FTX ? Kenya?
French Afrique FTX Annual West Africa
MEDFLAG MEDEX Annual Various
Shared Accord FTX Annual Southern Africa
Silver Eagle ? Annual ?

COMMEX – Communications Exercise
CPX – Command Post Exercise
FTX – Field Training Exercise
HAX – Humanitarian Assistance Exercise
MEDEX – Medical Exercise
PHIBEX – Amphibious Exercise

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