Operation Assured Voice – Africa

Recent US Counter-Terrorism Operations

Operation Assured Voice – Africa

Primary Operating Location: ?

Assigned Units:

– ?

Start Date: 2002?

End Date: 2009?

Superseded by: Operation Objective Voice

Summary: Operation Assured Voice – Africa was part of an overarching information operations program designed to shape all activities in the US European Command (EUCOM) area of responsibility, which include the vast majority of Africa until the activation of US Africa Command (AFRICOM) in 2008. The objectives were to counter the ideology, propaganda, and recruitment efforts of violent extremist organizations. Operation Assured Voice sought to harness all available knowledge, expertise, and resources to enable the conduct of: Synchronized, coordinated actions and activities to counter violent extremist organization influence; support to US public diplomacy efforts; and measurement of the operation’s overall effectiveness to better direct future activities. Operations were conducted in cooperation with private industry and other US government agencies, such as the Department of State.

What became known as “voice” operations began in EUCOM in the period following the attacks on 11 September 2001 and the beginning of the Global War on Terrorism. EUCOM reorganized its information activities around a concept called Operation Assured Voice, which had a combined information operation and public affairs cell reporting to the Chief of Staff. Operation Assured Voice – Africa involved the establishment of a website, www.magharebia.com, intended to to carry content in the appropriate languages to support the commander’s mission to shape the environment in his area of responsibility. These efforts were funded in the Command’s future years defense plans and thus created in these organizations a culture and a sense of community and continuity that transcends the rotation of individual commanders or specialized personnel.  It was hoped that the future oriented funding model would create a culture and a sense of community and continuity that would transcend the rotation of individual commanders or specialized personnel.

As of 2006, Magharebia.com was said to be realizing similar results to the other Assure Voice project, the Southeast European Times, which was reported at that time to be averaging over 5 million hits a month from within its target area, with average visits exceeding 20 minutes.

Following the activation of AFRICOM, responsibility for Magharebia.com passed to that command.  By 2009, the effort have been renamed Operation Objective Voice.

For additional information, visit GlobalSecurity.org

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