Recent US Counter-Terrorism Operations

Recent US Military Operations Relating to Africa (2000 – Present)

Counter-Terrorism Operations
Name Locale Start Date End Date
Odyssey Lightning Libya Aug 2016 Ongoing
Odyssey Resolve Libya 2015? Ongoing?
Juniper Nimbus Nigeria May? 2014 Ongoing
Juniper Micron Mali / Northwest Africa Jan 2013 Ongoing
Juniper Shield Northwest Africa ? 2013 Ongoing
Jukebox Lotus Libya Sep 2012 Oct 2012
Octave Fusion Somalia 23 Jan 2012
Observant Compass Uganda, Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan ? Oct 2011 Ongoing
Objective Voice North Africa / Sahel Region of Africa 2009 Ongoing?
Enduring Freedom – Trans Sahara Sahel Region of Africa Jun 2005 ? 2013
Enduring Freedom – Chad Chad Mar 2004 ? 2005
Enduring Freedom – Horn of Africa / Octave Shield Djibouti / Horn of Africa Oct 2002 Ongoing
Assured Voice – Africa North Africa 2002? 2009

NOTE: If no end date is provided the start date is both the start date and the end date. Missing or unclear information is indicated by a question mark.

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